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How I Got Over My Fear of Early Retirement

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The single piece of advice that stuck out to me the most is how the authors advocate for “failure immunity”. By writing down your failures, categorizing them, and converting them to growth, over time, you can completely reframe your thinking.

How FIRE Changes Your Perception of Time

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The best way to live a long life is through altering our perceptions of time. To stretch out the years with social satisfaction, lifelong learning, and memories that make us feel like we’ve lived multiple lifetimes.

Are You a Time Millionaire?

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If time is our greatest resource, why are we happily trading it for money and prestige? Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, step back, and re-evaluate how much time we are willing to give up for money.

The Tang Ping Movement: Asia’s First Steps Towards Financial Independence

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Huazhong is giving up on the Chinese Dream of killing yourself at work to afford a car, a house, nice clothes, and fancy things – all the trappings of a middle-class lifestyle. He is fighting back by not fighting at…

The Cheat Code to Financial Independence

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The trick is to find a job in a country with something called a “territorial taxation” system, enabling you to keep 100% of your earnings, tax-free! Bonus points if your employer covers accommodations.

What Nomadland Taught Me About FIRE

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Both the FIRE community and the nomads realized the same thing. The American Dream is broken. And that’s why we both wrote a new rule book.