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What Happened to 2021’s Biggest Thrill-Rides for Investors?

The Accumulator  |  Monevator

The headlines typically only report rags-to-riches tales or train wrecks. But how are things going if you only jumped aboard some of 2021’s biggest investing thrill rides when they were hot? And you forgot to get off?

Fighting The Financial Independence Demons

The Accumulator  |  Monevator

Hopefully your financial independence demons are infrequent guests, but we wouldn’t be human if they didn’t dine on our brains every so often. I hope this post gives you some fresh meat with which to distract them.

Never Ever Respond to a Cold Call

The Investor  |  Monevator

I can’t remember a single time where a person got rich because someone cold called them on Saturday afternoon to take up five minutes of their (oh they understand!) precious time.

Do You Have an Investing Edge?

Finumus  |  Monevator

In my professional capacity I’ve witnessed actual edge, firsthand. And pretty much none of these edges are available to the private investor. Let’s run through a few examples.

Money = Stored Energy

The Investor  |  Monevator

I think of money as stored energy. You work, beg, borrow, steal, or otherwise obtain money. You put it aside – store it. Later you discharge the power and make something happen.