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7 Lessons From Our First Year as Semi-Retirees

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Life-planning is a continuous activity. It’s important to keep re-assessing and adjusting one’s path regularly, especially after reaching big goals or major life changes.

Delayed Gratification vs Delayed Happiness – Are You Lying to Yourself?

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Don’t delay your happiness along the path to FI. While it is definitely necessary to make some sacrifices along the way, you should never put off the things that you know will make you happy long-term.

The Ultimate Guide to Semi-Retirement [+ Free Semi-FIRE Calculator]

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Semi-retirement is more than just the stage between full-time work and retirement. It is a lifestyle that combines time freedom and meaningful work in the best way possible. 

Why We Need Different Types of Financial Independence

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It’s easy to dismiss new approaches like this. But let me tell you one thing: If you roll your eyes every time someone comes up with a new FIRE term, you are missing the point.

The Psychology of Money – 16 Lessons for the FIRE Community

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There are gems on every single page in this book. Here are the lessons I found most profound – both for the FIRE Community as a whole, and for myself as an investor and semi-retiree.

Coasting to FIRE Without Saving Another Cent (Our Semi-Retirement Plan)

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We reached Flamingo FI six months ago and are now officially semi-retired. Here’s our plan to get to FI in the next 10-15 years while working part-time and without saving and investing another cent for retirement.