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8 Reasons Why Renting Isn’t “Throwing Money Away”

Emily Guy Birken  |  Money Ning

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the sense of freedom and mobility that renting provides. Buying a house shouldn’t just be an economic decision – it should also feel right for where you are in your life.

Are You Guilty of This Financial No-No?

Alexa Mason  |  Money Ning

If a person doesn’t want to change and hasn’t asked for your opinion, you’re not going to be able to help them no matter what you say. They’re not going to change until they are ready.

The Bottom-Dollar Effect

Emily Guy Birken  |  Money Ning

When we spend the last of our resources on a product, we end up feeling much less satisfied with it… We’re much more likely to think about everything else we could have done with our money than make that purchase.