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The Rebalancing Bonus

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The rebalancing bonus represents the difference in returns between a rebalanced and an un-rebalanced portfolio. It’s the extra return you receive for rebalancing your portfolio.

The Predictive Power of Fees

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No matter how much changes in markets, no matter how many theories you choose to place confidence in, one thing will remain true regardless of approach. All else equal, lower fees will result in better performance.

Why I Track My Spending

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I prefer to track my spending, rather than creating limits through a budget. There’s no judgement, no penalty for overspending. It simply gives you the information, and allows you to make your own decisions on what you want to do.

Is Investing a Zero-Sum Game?

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The market creates wealth, which means that unlike in traditional zero-sum games where the amount of money being allocated between participants is fixed, the fact that markets rise over time means that wealth is being generated for all participants.