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The Curious Splurges of Benjamin Wallace

Leif  |  Physician on Fire

Mr. Wallace set out on a mission to stimulate the economy, one ridiculous splurge at a time. He set out to sample the very best or most expensive or most coveted item in about a dozen categories.

Love Your Job? You Should Still Pursue Financial Independence.

Rich  |  Physician on Fire

There’s a Japanese concept called Ikigai that some self-improvement bloggers and life coaches use to help people figure out what they want to do in life.

How to Ruin Your Retirement by Investing in Real Estate

Paul Moore  |  Physician on Fire

I love real estate. I invest heavily in real estate. I manage a real estate fund. But I’m telling you from decades of experience that most people do it wrong.

Selling a Home By Owner is Easier Than You Think

Leif  |  Physician on Fire

Selling a home by owner is not nearly as difficult or complicated as most people assume. I speak from experience, having done so 4 times in the last decade including twice in 2021.

Money Is Everything

Leif  |  Physician on Fire

If you choose not to care about money, you’re choosing not to care about some of the most important things in this world. Money can improve, enhance, or become almost anything.

A No-Tax Early Retirement

Leif  |  Physician on Fire

You can live quite well without paying federal income tax in an early retirement scenario. We went through many scenarios in which the Bensons had more than enough money to spend without owing a penny in federal income tax.