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Why Student Loans are More Dangerous Than Other Types of Debt

Jay Rigler  |  Practically Independent

Because they are not discharged in regular bankruptcy, income qualification is backward, and income-based repayment can lead to a lifetime of increasing balances, student loans have become a trap.

The Shortest Path to Wealth is a Boring Straight Line

Jay Rigler  |  Practically Independent

Don’t waste time and energy on things that create an illusion of financial progress. Instead, make slow and steady steps toward wealth. One step at a time.

Fully Fund a Roth IRA Every Year and You Can Retire a Millionaire

Jay Rigler  |  Practically Independent

Fully fund a Roth IRA every year, build a diverse portfolio, and you can become a millionaire in time for retirement. As long as you start early enough.

The Only Way to Pay Off Debt is to Pay Off Debt

Jay Rigler  |  Practically Independent

There are no shortcuts, no secret handshakes, no hidden menus, and no warp zones. Every single dollar you borrow will have to be paid back someday.