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What If You Always Maxed Out Your 401k?

Joe Udo  |  Retire by 40

What’s the surest way to become a millionaire? I can tell you right now – max out your 401k every year. It will take a while, but I guarantee you will get there. This is the easiest way to build…

How I Made $2,500+ Last Month by Charging Scooters

Joe Udo  |  Retire by 40

In May, I charged 460 scooters and made $2,509.50. That’s about $5.45 per scooter. According to my estimate, I worked 4600 minutes. That’s about 76 hours and a half. The pay rate is $32.74 per hour.

Are You Worth More Than You’ve Earned in Your Lifetime?

Joe Udo  |  Retire by 40

Have you ever wondered how much money you earned over the years? I was thinking about this and came up with a natural follow-up question. Are we worth more than what we earned?