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Stop Counting Pennies and Focus On the Dollars

Jim  |  Route to Retire

This might be blasphemous to say in the personal finance community, but spending money even a little needlessly ain’t gonna kill you. The big dollars are what truly matter.

Doing Your Own Taxes and Planning… or Die Trying!

Jim  |  Route to Retire

If you’re someone who likes to have full control of your finances, this package is for you. Everything is well laid out over tons of beautiful sheets and charts that link to each other seamlessly.

Selling Everything We Owned Has Been Truly Liberating

Jim  |  Route to Retire

Selling everything and just taking off and leaving is a dream a lot of folks have… even if it’s just a fleeting thought. To actually do it though sounds crazy. Who would do something like that?! We are those people.

How to Track Your HSA Easily and Efficiently

Jim  |  Route to Retire

I’m a systems kind-of-guy so I’m going to take you through how I easily and efficiently keep track of everything needed for this strategy. Here is my two-part system, along with the spreadsheet I use to track the numbers.

One of the Best Money Books I’ve Ever Read

Jim  |  Route to Retire

It’s not the same old re-hashed info you get in so many other books. It’s almost as if you’re getting secret insight into how the world of money actually works. You simply feel smarter reading this book.

How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire

Jim  |  Route to Retire

So here’s something unexpected… I just became a 401(k) millionaire last week! Let’s talk a little bit more about how this happened and why it’s possible for you to do the same.