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How to Start a Window Cleaning Business: Zero to $700k a Year

Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

If you want to start your own business, it doesn’t necessarily take a never-before-seen business idea to have a never-before-seen impact on your life.

33 Life Hacks to Experiment With in 2022

Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

Many of these are quick actionable ideas you can apply to make little upgrades to your life, covering work and productivity, networking, money, travel, and health.

The Side Hustle Snowball: How to “Erase” Your Expenses with Extra Income Streams

Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

Itemize out your expenses and then aim to come up with side hustle income to cover them, starting with the smallest and working your way up. Once you reach the bottom of your list, you don’t need your job anymore!

How I Make $70k+/yr Investing in Domain Names Part-Time

Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

For every 1,000 domains Mark registers, he pays a fixed cost of $10,000 in renewal fees each year. He expects to sell around 2% of his inventory each year, at an average price of $2,800.

How to Make $1,000/mo Renting Out Digital Space

Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

What if you could rent out digital real estate just as you would traditional real estate, but without all the headaches that come with maintaining a property?

How I Make $10,000/mo Investing in Mobile Homes

Nick Loper  |  Side Hustle Nation

The cash flow strategy is similar to investing in single-family homes. You’re looking to buy a mobile home, get a tenant in, and operate on a positive cash flow. The main difference is that mobile homes cost a lot less.