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Make It Hard to Lose

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

When you pay yourself first, you make it hard—impossible—to spend that money. As a result, wealth can’t avoid you. It has no choice. You’re removing the possibility of over-spending and ensuring the inevitability of long-term success.

2 Lessons From People Who Will Work Until They Die

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

In everything you do, ask: is this adding to my choices or reducing my choices?

Should You ALWAYS Invest In Your 401(k)?

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

These findings opened my eyes. I have a new respect for the power of the taxable brokerage and for the potential drawbacks of 401(k) maximization.

Raises, Negotiations, and $67,000

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

I negotiated a raise at work 30 months ago. And because of that raise, my net worth is now $67,000 higher than it otherwise would have been. The story is entertaining, but the tips are what’s important.

Blue Jeans and Bitcoin

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

When you change your perceived value of an asset or product, make sure your reasons are justified. “The price recently changed, so my value changes…” is not a good justification.

The #1 Money Lesson You Should Know (After 20 Expert Interviews)

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

Every single person I’ve spoken with on The Best Interest Podcast was once unknowing, unsure, and hesitating at the starting line. Then they started.