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Lessons From the Crab Shack (Where the Elite Eat In Their Bare Feet)

Barney  |  The Escape Artist

The Crab Shack represented an ideal: it was high quality but didn’t take itself too seriously. It was independent, quirky, honest and unstuffy. To me, The Crab Shack represented The American Dream. Anyone should be able to eat there.

Once You’ve Done One “Impossible” Thing, You Start to Wonder What Else Might Be Possible

Barney  |  The Escape Artist

The walls of The Prison Camp are built in your own mind. Once you have climbed over one unscalable wall, you start to reassess your entire world view.

The Truth and The Whole Journey

Barney  |  The Escape Artist

If you are a financial blogger or adviser, or work in fintech, banking, software development, it is basically negligence at this point not to understand crypto and what it could mean for you and your clients / audience / career.

The CFO’s Guide to Fridge Management

Barney  |  The Escape Artist

If all of this seems like effort, I get that. But it’s funny how much lifeforce we put into working for The Man. Getting to financial independence is applying the same effort and creativity to your own life.

The Purpose of Frugality

Barney  |  The Escape Artist

A low cost lifestyle frees up money to invest for equity returns. It makes you braver and takes the sting out of the fear of poverty. And it gives you the chance to win big.

Not Wanting Something Is As Good As Having It

Barney  |  The Escape Artist

I like the definition that says you’re rich when someone gives you an extra £1 million and you don’t change the house you live in, the car you drive or who you sleep with.