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9 People on What Their Bad Breakups Cost Them

Financial Diet Team  |  The Financial Diet

Two weeks before he moved he texted me he got another girl pregnant… I decided I had to replace all traces of him from my life starting with everything he’d ever touched or used in my apartment.

What Rachel Green’s Life Would Actually Cost In 2021

Ashleigh T.  |  The Financial Diet

In light of the recent Friends reunion that took place on the series’ sweet 16 finale-versary, it’s only right we take a walk down memory lane.

All The Money I Wasted Trying To Impress Dudes Who Didn’t Want To Date Me

Holly Trantham  |  The Financial Diet

Even if I didn’t consciously know it at the time, all of these decisions were about impressing dudes. And, as it goes, I can place a monetary value on nearly all of these choices.

I Applied For A Job I Wasn’t Qualified For & It Completely Changed My Career

Kimberly Bui  |  The Financial Diet

Statistics show that men will apply for jobs when they are 60% qualified, but women will only apply if they are 100% qualified. Up until recently, I was a part of that statistic.