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Don’t Bother Looking, It Will Find You

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

As you’re reading this, someone is hard at work in a lab cooking up the next big idea in Upside Minus Downside technology. The wrapper will seem revolutionary, but the underlying idea will be a story as old as time.

Better Get a Spending Strategy

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

When you’ve been programmed over the course of forty years to save, save, save, it’s hard to just flip the switch and start spending. A change in mentality becomes necessary for all of this to have had a point.

I Collect Cashflows

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

My collection gets larger every year. I can’t touch it. I can’t hold it. It’s virtual, it’s digital, it lives in the online environment created by the brokerage firms and exchanges.

The Stuff They Don’t Teach You in Books

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

No matter how much money you make for someone, the worst thing you could do is surprise them (and their CPA) with a tax bill at the end.

A Million Chances to Fail

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

Nothing could be easier than to scare people in order to sell them something. I’m thoroughly unimpressed by it. A cheap trick, even when pulled off on an industrial scale.

What I Learned From Ten Years of Cold Calling

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

The key to unlocking any door with a perfect stranger is to ask them about their favorite stocks. They will talk forever about the stuff they were smart enough to buy, and reveal a lot about themselves in the process.