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The Perfect and Sexy Power of Some

Darcy  |  We Want Guac

Some is leagues better than none. And there’s no area of your life that benefits more from “the power of some” than your finances.

When You’re Not Ready to Chase Financial Independence

Darcy  |  We Want Guac

I’m going to talk about the time when I wasn’t ready to pursue financial independence, what was needed to make myself ready, and how you can get yourself ready.

Your Freedom Is for Sale. How Much of a Discount Will You Get?

Tawnya  |  We Want Guac

A freedom discount is the number of years you’re able to reclaim during a traditional working span of 45 years. Those reclaimed years become your freedom years, represented as a discount.

Financial Independence Milestones, Gamified

Darcy  |  We Want Guac

Let’s be more intentional about noticing the financial independence milestones beyond its relation to how “done” you are. Get as excited about this middle time as I am!

After Being Poor, Your Financial Anxiety Remains

Darcy  |  We Want Guac

Stress and poverty go together like flies and manure. And it’s no secret both play some very concerning games with your brain. There’s a PTSD that comes from being poor.

When The Women In Your Life Join MLMs

Darcy  |  We Want Guac

Woohoo, it’s Women’s History Month and we get to discuss how women get screwed over when they join MLMs! What flagrant joy be the day when I discuss this predatory type of business with questionable legality and unquestionable dishonesty!