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Investing Advice From a Rattlesnake Wrangler

Rachel Gearhart  |  Wealthy Retirement

It’s crucial that every investor – regardless of experience level – stick to a simple checklist… Here are five ways to prepare yourself before you go “rattlesnake hunting.”

Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Expensive (and So Is Everything Else)

Marc Lichtenfeld  |  Wealthy Retirement

Most people think only about profits when it comes to stocks. I want to be sure that while I’m waiting for those profits, my income is going up at the same time.

The Winning Lottery Ticket Everyone Wants

Jody Chudley  |  Wealthy Retirement

Because of what I do, people think I have winning lottery tickets rattling around my brain that they could cash in if I’d only share them.

A Game Where the Odds Are Always in Your Favor

Jody Chudley  |  Wealthy Retirement

Anyone in the market for the long term over the course of this study had virtually no chance of losing money. Even daily, the stock market odds are in your favor.

Bitcoin’s Dirty Secret

Jody Chudley  |  Wealthy Retirement

There are 195 countries in the world. Mining Bitcoin already consumes more energy than 160 of them do separately. Currently, Bitcoin mining consumes more energy in a year than entire countries like Switzerland and Argentina.