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So You Want to Be a Stay at Home Parent?

Maggie Banks  |  Women’s Personal Finance

It’s time to schedule a date night, grab some ice cream, and have some critical conversations before you dive into the life of a stay at home parent. 

My Emergency Fund Isn’t Just For Me; a Pandemic Tale

Mackenzie  |  Women’s Personal Finance

For most, we think of an emergency fund as a fallback in case of a health emergency, job loss, etc. However, the reality is much more complex for most people.

Falling Out of Love With FIRE

Michelle Jackson  |  Women’s Personal Finance

As I found myself disillusioned with regular FIRE, I started falling in love with Slow FIRE. Designing a lifestyle that serves me NOW, while intentionally working to better my finances for the long-term.

Purpose Does NOT Cure Depression

Ms. FOGA  |  Women’s Personal Finance

People with depression have more “purpose” and determination than anyone gives us credit for. We do the same things as everyone else, even though it takes significantly more energy to do so.

Forging a Career in a Male-Dominated Industry

Anne  |  Women’s Personal Finance

If you are considering entering a male-dominated field but aren’t sure what that means and how it affects the work environment, let me share some stories.

Divorce Ruined My Finances But Saved My Life

Moriah Chace  |  Women’s Personal Finance

We were every personal finance success story. And I was miserable. It wasn’t his fault entirely. He’s a decent guy. But I’m queer, and marrying him was running away from my sexuality…