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Why Die With Zero Is the Retirement Saving Strategy You Need

Bridget Casey  |  Young & Thrifty

I recently read a book that completely changed my approach to retirement. It took me less than 48 hours to read, and it undid more than 10 years of messaging from the personal finance community.

How to Make a Budget that Fits Your Money Personality (+ A Quiz!)

Tamar Satov  |  Young & Thrifty

To help you create a budget that works for you, we’ve outlined the five most common money personality types – Spender, Saver, Earner, Ostrich, and Sharer – and suggested the ideal budgeting technique for each.

My Uncle Died Without a Will – And It Was a Nightmare

Hannah Logan  |  Young & Thrifty

Having a will doesn’t just guarantee that your final wishes will be followed, it also provides a huge sense of comfort for the family and loved ones you leave behind.

Why I Added My Pets to My Will

Sandra MacGregor  |  Young & Thrifty

As I hurtled to what I thought would be my death, it was not my sister, brother or even long-lost lovers I thought of, but rather my cats—all three of them. Who would take care of them if I died?