Blair duQuesnay

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Get Even-itis

Blair duQuesnay |  The Belle Curve

Do not let Get Even-itis hold your investment dollars hostage. Waiting for an investment to Get Back to Even before you sell is a useless exercise.

Come On Ride The Train

Blair duQuesnay |  The Belle Curve

It’s always better to be ‘on the train’ than to be standing on the platform. The goal here is to trick the brain into thinking long-term when all we want to do is obsess over the day-to-day.

Curveball Clarity

Blair duQuesnay |  The Belle Curve

One way or another, we are all moving through this life and all of its beautiful and painful moments. Curveball clarity helps shed superficial goals like accumulating a certain size portfolio or beating the market index.

Getting Rich vs Staying Rich

Blair duQuesnay |  The Belle Curve

Getting rich and staying rich are two very different skills. Getting rich is exciting, even thrilling, and often includes lots of risk taking. Staying rich is boring, bordering on mundane… Staying rich is not embedded in human nature.