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“The Closer I Get, the Target Keeps Moving”

Kristen |  The Frugal Girl

Therapists like to say, “Happiness is an inside job.” The idea being that your joy in life cannot be dependent on outside people or circumstances. It comes from work you do in your heart. Contentment too is an inside job.

Being Easily Pleased Is a Superpower

Kristen |  The Frugal Girl

In my experience, the more I keep an eye out for little joys, the more I find those little joys. I can experience these happinesses on a near-daily basis.

How Do You Socialize Frugally?

Kristen |  The Frugal Girl

I’ve found that volunteering with other people is a great way to find friends and strengthen relationships. Plus, you’re making the world a better place while also hanging out with people that you love… a win-win!

“Soap is Cheap”

Kristen |  The Frugal Girl

No matter how little money you have, you can at least keep your things clean. Clean = a cheap luxury!

“Could This Be a Heirloom Someday?”

Kristen |  The Frugal Girl

Whenever possible, before you buy something that’s supposed to last, join me in asking, “Will this be useful and treasured for years to come?”