“The Closer I Get, the Target Keeps Moving”

Therapists like to say, “Happiness is an inside job.” The idea being that your joy in life cannot be dependent on outside people or circumstances. It comes from work you do in your heart. Contentment too is an inside job.

Josh Brown

Don’t Bother Looking, It Will Find You

As you’re reading this, someone is hard at work in a lab cooking up the next big idea in Upside Minus Downside technology. The wrapper will seem revolutionary, but the underlying idea will be a story as old as time.

Larry Sayler

Life’s a Circus

I applied to both the Wharton MBA program and Clown College. To my surprise, I was accepted by both. The decision was easy. I turned down Wharton to go to Clown College.

Ben Carlson

The Best Personal Finance Inflation Hedges

I know putting inflation hedges on your portfolio is the sexier option, but you have more control over your personal finances than the markets when it comes to fighting inflation.

Mike Piper

Accounting for Illiquid/Intangible Assets on Your Household Balance Sheet

Human capital: it’s not a stock. It’s not a bond. But it is a very real asset. Social Security: it’s not a stock. It’s not a bond. But it is a very real asset. Your home…

Jonathan Ping

The Best Interest Rates on Cash Right Now

Here’s my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash as of March 2022. I look for lesser-known opportunities available to individuals while still keeping your principal FDIC-insured or equivalent.

Joshua Becker

The Empty Promise of Consumerism Summarized On One Receipt

The more we allow the empty promises of consumerism into our thinking and behaviors, the more common and accepted they become. At some point, they need to be exposed. At some point, we need to take a stand against them.


The Lifestyle of the Scrap Happy

I get rewarded twice for thriftiness. First, I get the immediate reward of an item at a severely discounted price, if not free. Second, I collect tiny moments of resilience.

Jesse Cramer

Make It Hard to Lose

When you pay yourself first, you make it hard—impossible—to spend that money. As a result, wealth can’t avoid you. It has no choice. You’re removing the possibility of over-spending and ensuring the inevitability of long-term success.

Maria Nedeva

How to Pay Off Debt Fast: 10 Actionable Steps to Become Debt Free While Loving Your Life

This is a summary of my learning, reflections and experience paying off £100,000 of debt in three years that I condensed into ten actionable steps.


What Car Insurance Companies Do NOT Want You To Know

Although the car was restored to original condition, it now carried a ding in its vehicle accident report. I felt this potential reduction in resale should be compensated by the insurance company so I proceeded with a “diminished value” claim.

Thomas Kopelman

The Most Cringeworthy Financial Advice on the Internet

Whether it’s TikTok’ers sharing how you can make 100% daily returns in crypto or blog posts telling you to never use your 401(k) because it’s a scam, it’s safe to say the internet is full of terrible financial advice.

Dr. Cory S. Fawcett

It Doesn’t Take Special Financial Knowledge to Become Wealthy

The simplicity of it all can be found in the story of a self-taught TV repairman who rode his bicycle to my house when I was a kid, and the millions he left afterwards.

Blair duQuesnay

Get Even-itis

Do not let Get Even-itis hold your investment dollars hostage. Waiting for an investment to Get Back to Even before you sell is a useless exercise.

Emily Guy Birken

The Responsibility of Hope

Even if the world cannot be fixed, it can be improved. We can always strive for progress.

Jim Wang

Why I Don’t Care About Our Home’s Market Value (Nor Should You)

Everyone seems to think that a higher home value is better. But unless you’re selling your home, higher home values means you pay more for a lot of different things in ways you probably didn’t anticipate.

The Woke Salaryman

I Don’t Have a Calling, Is That Okay?

Callings are wonderful things, but they can also be irrational, demanding, and sometimes not viable. If you have it, let it drive you further. If you don’t, don’t let it stop you or define you.


Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Don’t just cut things out of your life – replace them with something else. Depriving yourself of something you enjoy is not the way to achieve happiness.

Chris Butsch

The Ukrainian Government is Launching an NFT — Here’s Why

These NFTs embody the spirit of decentralized finance more than any digital asset that preceded them: they encapsulate the passion of the creator, they support a noble cause, they leverage DeFi technology to instantly transfer aid where it’s needed most.

Martin Dasko

How You Can Make Real Money From Airbnb Right Now (Even If You Don’t Own Any Property)

You can host your own experience on the Airbnb platform where you make money from a unique passion of yours. You essentially get paid to lead people in activities that you enjoy.


I Sucked And You Can Too

I’m writing this post to let you know that what is now over a $20,000 a year business for me started as something I sucked at.

Steven & Lauren

Why Your Job Should Be Disposable (Even If You Love It)

If you like what you do, that’s fantastic. But it’s also important not to let your job become your whole identity. What things might you try if you didn’t have to go to work for a few months — or…


New Features on LinkedIn That Can Help Your FIRE Journey

If you haven’t FIRE’d yet and are in transition, use the Career Break feature to regain your earning power more quickly.

Kevin Raposo

A Burglar Reveals 15 Trade Secrets

First I’m going to tell you what I look for before breaking into your home, then I’m going to tell you how I can break into your home. I’ll even tell you what I’m looking for while inside your home.

Jonathan Ping

Notes on Berkshire Hathaway 2021 Annual Letter to Shareholders by Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway released its 2021 Letter to Shareholders which is how Warren Buffett updates his fellow shareholders annually on the status of the business. This year’s letter is only 10 pages long. Here are my personal highlights.

Mindy Crary

Do You Have Control Over Your Money?

Do you think your money situation is a result of your circumstances, or instead, a result of your actions and behaviors? Your answer to that question can predict your progress to wealth, earning power, stress levels, and more.


Being Easily Pleased Is a Superpower

In my experience, the more I keep an eye out for little joys, the more I find those little joys. I can experience these happinesses on a near-daily basis.

Piggy & Kitty

The Resignation Checklist: 25 Sneaky Ways To Bleed Your Employer Dry Before Quitting

If you’re planning to quit voluntarily, you can do what others cannot. You can be strategic. In doing so, you can extract a ton of value back from your employer and/or your government before you go.

Mrs. Flamingo

7 Lessons From Our First Year as Semi-Retirees

Life-planning is a continuous activity. It’s important to keep re-assessing and adjusting one’s path regularly, especially after reaching big goals or major life changes.

Brigid Friedman

Why I Love YNAB and Zero-Based Budgeting

Zero-based budgeting teaches you to give every dollar that comes in a “job” and to only work with the money you actually have, not hypothetical future money.

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Estate Planning 101 with Ifeoma Ibekwe [Podcast]

Ifeoma Ibekwe is an estate planning attorney evangelist for intergenerational wealth transfer and legacy building with effective wills and trusts. She activates intentional women so they can take agency over their lives and build impactful legacies.

Kathy Fettke

Building a $5M Real Estate Portfolio Without Stress! [Podcast]

An intriguing real estate success story about a daughter of immigrants who knew that real estate was the key to wealth, and the steps she took to create a $5,000,000 portfolio from just $10,000.

Kirk Chisholm, Barbara Friedberg, Megan Gorman

COVID Getting You Down? You Need A Midlife Gap Year [Podcast]

College students take a gap year, why can’t adults take a midlife gap year, too?  This week we interview Lisette Smith about the idea. 

Jeff Rose

Real Estate or Index Funds – Which is the Better Way to Build Long-term Wealth?

Whether you choose real estate or index funds as your primary investment, each has an outstanding track record of building wealth. But is one better than the other, if maybe only by a little bit?


Six Thoughts On Losing $1,000,000

I lost my mind during the Great Recession, stopping most 401(k) contributions. Big mistake. Now, I couldn’t care less. I wrote this post to help those in the “freaking out” category.


The Fun of Irrational Frugal Guilt

Two weeks ago, I slunk out of the grocery store feeling ashamed. Why? Because I’d wanted strawberries, and saw that they weren’t on sale. And I got them anyway. (!!!)

Mike Piper

What’s the Point of a Donor-Advised Fund?

There are three main reasons why you might benefit from using a donor-advised fund: you get the tax deduction right away, they provide anonymity, they make it easier to donate securities (e.g., shares of mutual funds or stocks).

Darius Foroux

7 Books That Make You a Better Human

I’ve read hundreds of books in my life. But there are 7 that inspired me to be better. I can honestly say that I’ve changed my life and behavior for the better after reading these books.

Bob Lai

Be an Owner

When it comes to dividend investing, I rely on a simple strategy – be an owner. I want to own businesses that produce and sell products that people use every day. The more reliant people are on these products, the…


Stop Counting Pennies and Focus On the Dollars

This might be blasphemous to say in the personal finance community, but spending money even a little needlessly ain’t gonna kill you. The big dollars are what truly matter.

Thomas Kopelman

Why I Hate Budgeting and a Better Solution

I have found that reverse budgeting gives more structure, leads to more consistent savings, and also feels way less restrictive which is why almost every single one of my clients follows this method.


Getting Rich With Asymmetric Money Moves

Asymmetric wealth creation is a powerful way to grow your earnings, increase your investment returns, and improve your life more generally. The best thing about it is that it’s also very easy to incorporate into your decision-making.

Raph Antoine

Wall Street Thinks You’re Dumb. The Rise of Wise Money.

Wall Street likes to make a clear distinction between Institutional Investors and Retail Investors. It’s Smart Money versus Dumb Money. After having cycled the world and discovered their existence, I coined a new type of Investor: Wise Money.

Joshua Becker

Own Less Stuff. Solve More Problems in the World.

Once you realize there are pursuits in life that result in longer-lasting personal satisfaction than collecting physical possessions, you understand 100% of minimalism.

Donna Freedman

The Frugal Sybarite

Hanging our laundry to dry in the sun leads to another luxury: falling asleep surrounded by the fragrance of the sun and the wind. Some people would say the sun has no odor. I beg to differ.

Piggy & Kitty

If You Can’t Afford to Tip 20%, You Can’t Afford To Dine Out

If you won’t tip 20%, consider going to Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Costco, Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Whole Foods, Aldi, or hell instead!

The Mistress

“If I Got Rich, It Wouldn’t Be For Long”

I could never be a billionaire. I have too many projects to fund, people to give to, and philanthropies to invest in. If I grew that rich, it would not last long before I fixed that absurd overabundance.


A Squawk & A $50 Rock

My sinking fund, nicknamed adulting adventures, contains all manner of adulting tasks from insurance and registration to possible repairs to my car, phone, and laptop. It’s an annual slush fund for all the things that go to orderly chaos.

Jim Wang

The Augusta Rule 280A Tax Loophole

If you rent out your home for 14 or fewer days a year, you do not have to pay taxes on this income. Here’s the kicker – it doesn’t matter how much rental income you bring in.


Myth: No One Ever Got Rich by [X]

The problem is that these are singular claims. It ignores that your total money mindset is made up of many beliefs and actions. It’s unlikely that you are going to be frugal in just one area.


The Perfect and Sexy Power of Some

Some is leagues better than none. And there’s no area of your life that benefits more from “the power of some” than your finances.


“Pack For Your Biggest Fear”: Building My Attitude Fund

If you work on too many fears at once then you’ll be weighed down and struggle to get anywhere. Pick one. Even if it’s the illogical one. Pick the fear that settles YOU.

Pete McPherson

13 “Buy It for Life” Items That Save Money and Bring Happiness

I, Pete McPherson, am a cheapskate. My father’s a cheapskate, and his father before him. It’s in my blood. But the good news? Being cheap saves me money… WAIT, does it?

Nick Maggiulli

How Do Investors Fail?

Studying negative outcomes can be just as useful, if not more useful, than studying positive ones. To that end I have compiled a list of the five most common causes of investor failure, and how to avoid them.

Jessalynn Jones

How to Use Habit Stacking to Change Your Life

The idea behind habit stacking is that you put a habit you are trying to develop right next to one you already do. You can develop whole routines of tiny little habits that you do one right after the other.

Allen Francis

Would You Move Abroad to Reinvent Your Finances and Life?

I am a native New Yorker and have been living in Manila, the Philippines, for almost five years now. After a decade of unemployment, divorce, depression, and financial ruin, I was at a dead-end in New York City by 2017.

Jon Dulin

21 Best Ted Talks On Personal Finance

I love listening to Ted Talks. They help me to think about topics and issues in a different way because the speakers are so engaging and great at bringing forth new ideas. What I found blew my mind.

Mrs. Flamingo

Delayed Gratification vs Delayed Happiness – Are You Lying to Yourself?

Don’t delay your happiness along the path to FI. While it is definitely necessary to make some sacrifices along the way, you should never put off the things that you know will make you happy long-term.

Jeff Rose

7 Roth IRA Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

The Roth IRA is extremely powerful when it comes to saving for retirement – can you say “Tax-Free Money!!”? There are also several strategies you can use to access your contributions and earnings earlier without activating penalties.

Noah Kagan

How to Get Rich for Dummies

The question you want to ask yourself first about getting rich is… Why not you? There’s no rule that says it can’t be you to have as much money as you want or whatever lifestyle it is that you want.

Mrs. RFL

Personal Finance Advice Without Nuance Is Just Dangerous

One of my pet peeves is when people peddle absolutes on social media to get more likes, followers or sell more of their own services using terms like “always” or “never.” Very few things are always true or always false.


My Only Goal for 2022

I have one, singular goal for 2022: to have $100k saved & invested by the end of the year. Is it simple? Yes. Will it be easy? Probably not. I am simultaneously terrified of reaching it and not reaching it.

Mrs. Bean

Why We Choose to Rent

Remember, no decision is permanent. If you change your mind a few years later or your life situation changes, it’s just time to do the math again, make the necessary changes, and move on to your best life.

Kate C

Your Net Worth Does Not Equal Your Self Worth

Don’t expect to magically become the person you want to be when you hit a certain net worth, start becoming that person today.


How I Got Over My Fear of Early Retirement

The single piece of advice that stuck out to me the most is how the authors advocate for “failure immunity”. By writing down your failures, categorizing them, and converting them to growth, over time, you can completely reframe your thinking.


Crash at Mad Wallstreet

Prices for drinks used to be shown like stock market tickers. They fluctuated in line with demand, the general mood on the dance floor and it played with our emotions. We learned how to take advantage of a market crash!

Jeremy Schneider

Chasing Credit Card Points? Here’s a Better Alternative.

You’re not gonna get rich on credit card points. It’s a game set up by the credit card companies to get you to spend more. Spending $100 to get $2 is never a good deal.


“Stop Being So Greedy and Asking for More Money”, and Other Falsehoods Women Are Told

The only opinion and commentary you should be acknowledging is the one you are telling and giving yourself. If you deserve more money, then ask for it.

Chris Mamula

Assessing Your Financial Health

As our family enters a new phase of life with less income and less margin for error, I’m going to start tracking some of these metrics. They include assessments of total wealth, liquidity, debt burden, savings rate, and retirement preparedness.


Have Anxiety Over Spending Money on Yourself?

A noble distraction could be your thinking that you should spend that money on your kids, your pet, your vehicle, or any number of other things. So by not spending the money on yourself, you are “doing the right thing.”


Stop Buying Your Stuff Stuff

Years ago, I asked a friend what kind of case she planned to buy for her shiny new flip phone. She paused, a little offended. “I don’t like to buy stuff for my stuff,” she said.

Ben Carlson

Golden Age Thinking

There is nothing wrong with feelings of nostalgia. In some ways, building a portfolio of nostalgic feelings in your memory bank is what life is all about. But the good old days are probably not as grand as you think.

J.D. Roth

How to Use Barriers and Pre-commitment to Do the Right Things With Your Money

Because we’re human, we each have weaknesses. As I started to master my money, I discovered ways to “tie myself to the mast”, to resist temptation.

Vicky Monroe

Why I’d Rather Buy Things Than Experiences

I usually prefer to invest in things instead of experiences because of the cost per use principle. Also, things can actually provide you with experiences and help you make memories with friends and family.

Joe Udo

What If You Always Maxed Out Your 401k?

What’s the surest way to become a millionaire? I can tell you right now – max out your 401k every year. It will take a while, but I guarantee you will get there. This is the easiest way to build…

Josh Patoka

Kakeibo: A Japanese Mindful Budgeting System

The primary goals of this system are to make a pen-and-paper budget to quickly track spending and find ways to save money. The intent is to create a manageable household budget that only takes a few minutes to complete. 

The Wealthster

Can You Use a Hot Tub Time Machine to Fire?

Whilst I look back fondly on the fun times I had in my youth, I can’t help but feel I could have done better with my saving and investing.

Tim Stobbs

What I Got Wrong in Retirement

I recently looked back on what I expected to happen in my early retirement, and where I actually ended up over four years later. Here’s what I got wrong.

Gerry Born

Back to School: Two Years of Free College in One Month!

If you like alternative ideas, hacks, and work-arounds, you’re going to love this post. During the 2020 quarantine our household earned 152 credit hours (or about 5 years of college) for under $575. 


The Retirement Tax Triangle

Investing in a mix of tax deferred, taxable and tax free accounts gives you the greatest flexibility in retirement tax planning. Here’s how it can minimize your taxes in creative ways.

Bob Lai


The time has come to stop putting FIRE on the pedestal. FIRE is not the magic solution. It is time for us to focus on the core message – become financially independent so you can empower yourself. 

Bridget Casey

Why Die With Zero Is the Retirement Saving Strategy You Need

I recently read a book that completely changed my approach to retirement. It took me less than 48 hours to read, and it undid more than 10 years of messaging from the personal finance community.

Josh Overmyer

The Secret Superpower of the Mini-Retirement

There are some major financial moves that can be made in a year with low- or no income that could put thousands of dollars back in your pocket over your lifetime.


What I Learned From Reviewing Our Yearly Spending

Every year, for almost 20 years, I have completed the same financial tasks: reviewing the spending for the year that has just ended, updating our new worth, and reviewing our spending goals for the coming year.


Lessons From the Crab Shack (Where the Elite Eat In Their Bare Feet)

The Crab Shack represented an ideal: it was high quality but didn’t take itself too seriously. It was independent, quirky, honest and unstuffy. To me, The Crab Shack represented The American Dream. Anyone should be able to eat there.

Mrs. Frugalwoods

How We’re Establishing a Family Money Philosophy with Our Kids

Remember that we adults don’t have to pass our money fears or anxieties down to our kids. We can establish a positive, proactive way of talking about money with our children.

John C.

10 Things I Learned Starting A Vending Machine Business

Between the 2 machines we have set up right now, we are averaging $30 per day in sales for $900 a month in gross revenue and $450 in gross profit. Almost enough to fully fund a Roth IRA every year.

Mrs. Flamingo

The Ultimate Guide to Semi-Retirement [+ Free Semi-FIRE Calculator]

Semi-retirement is more than just the stage between full-time work and retirement. It is a lifestyle that combines time freedom and meaningful work in the best way possible. 

Darren Hazan

6 Mistakes I Made as a Digital Nomad

Whilst there are some practical tips here such as the backpack and the tech, the less tangible tips are the ones that will truly affect your journey.


10 Steps to Become a Financial Minimalist

Thanks to financial minimalism, I have more money than I’ve ever had before, but I also spend less time managing it than I ever would’ve imagined. I don’t want to waste the hours of my day staring at spreadsheets.

Vince Carter

Financial Anxiety

Michele Paiva is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Recovery Coach, and Certified Finance Educator with 30 years of experience. On this episode, Michelle and Vince discuss financial anxiety, spending habits, the impact of money stories on your financial behavior.

Michelle Jackson

Not All Money is Good Money: A Conversation About Financial Crossroads

I’ve worked side-hustles since I turned 16. And I’ve worked side-hustles while working my regular 9-5 jobs. I reflect on “Is all money good money?” and share the challenge that I’m dealing with quitting side-hustles. Why is this so hard?!

Ashley Lee

Black Wealth Series – History of the Racial Wealth Gap

Welcome to Part I of the Black Wealth Series. Today’s special guest is Steven Stack, a financial coach, and first-generation millionaire. Tune in as Steven gives us the history of black wealth and the racial wealth gap in America.

Andrea Dekker

Space Budgets: A Simple Tool for Minimalist Living

The next time you feel the need for more storage space, consider instead implementing a space budget and simply storing less.


10 Lessons I’ve Learned from 10 Years Pursuing Financial Independence

My mindset, goals, strategy, desires, priorities have all shifted throughout the last decade. I’ve been thinking a lot about the lessons I’ve learned throughout the journey. What worked? What didn’t? What’s the point of it all?


Creating Over Consumption

Some of our greatest joys come when we create. When I make something I feel a sense of pride. When I save my family money I feel a sense of industriousness and frugality.


Personal Finance in 9 Diagrams

If I had the chance to speak to a young person and teach them about money, these are the 9 diagrams I would show.


Sweet, Sweet, Debt

When used wisely debt can be an incredibly powerful tool. So powerful in fact, it is how I plan to fund much of our cost of living for the next decade.

Mr. Tako

Happy as a Clam

While it can be difficult to hold stocks and other assets during declining markets, don’t think of these movements as “losing money”. Think of the rising and falling as tidal fluctuations around the true value of your investments.

Mr. Clipping Chains

Seven Lessons From Two Years of Financial Freedom

If you are letting work get in the way of the things that are “important” to you, then they probably aren’t that important anyway. Quitting your job won’t automatically change you.

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