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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Career.

I Don’t Have a Calling, Is That Okay?

The Woke Salaryman  |  The Woke Salaryman

Callings are wonderful things, but they can also be irrational, demanding, and sometimes not viable. If you have it, let it drive you further. If you don’t, don’t let it stop you or define you.

New Features on LinkedIn That Can Help Your FIRE Journey

Caroline  |  Costa Rica FIRE

If you haven’t FIRE’d yet and are in transition, use the Career Break feature to regain your earning power more quickly.

Why Your Job Should Be Disposable (Even If You Love It)

Steven & Lauren  |  Trip of a Lifestyle

If you like what you do, that’s fantastic. But it’s also important not to let your job become your whole identity. What things might you try if you didn’t have to go to work for a few months — or…

The Resignation Checklist: 25 Sneaky Ways To Bleed Your Employer Dry Before Quitting

Piggy & Kitty  |  Bitches Get Riches

If you’re planning to quit voluntarily, you can do what others cannot. You can be strategic. In doing so, you can extract a ton of value back from your employer and/or your government before you go.

“Stop Being So Greedy and Asking for More Money”, and Other Falsehoods Women Are Told

Sherry  |  Save. Spend. Splurge.

The only opinion and commentary you should be acknowledging is the one you are telling and giving yourself. If you deserve more money, then ask for it.


Bob Lai  |  Tawcan

The time has come to stop putting FIRE on the pedestal. FIRE is not the magic solution. It is time for us to focus on the core message – become financially independent so you can empower yourself.