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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Debt.

The Most Cringeworthy Financial Advice on the Internet

Thomas Kopelman  |  The Long Game

Whether it’s TikTok’ers sharing how you can make 100% daily returns in crypto or blog posts telling you to never use your 401(k) because it’s a scam, it’s safe to say the internet is full of terrible financial advice.

How to Pay Off Debt Fast: 10 Actionable Steps to Become Debt Free While Loving Your Life

Maria Nedeva  |  The Money Principle

This is a summary of my learning, reflections and experience paying off £100,000 of debt in three years that I condensed into ten actionable steps.

Assessing Your Financial Health

Chris Mamula  |  Can I Retire Yet?

As our family enters a new phase of life with less income and less margin for error, I’m going to start tracking some of these metrics. They include assessments of total wealth, liquidity, debt burden, savings rate, and retirement preparedness.

Chasing Credit Card Points? Here’s a Better Alternative.

Jeremy Schneider  |  Personal Finance Club

You’re not gonna get rich on credit card points. It’s a game set up by the credit card companies to get you to spend more. Spending $100 to get $2 is never a good deal.

Sweet, Sweet, Debt

Jeremy  |  Go Curry Cracker

When used wisely debt can be an incredibly powerful tool. So powerful in fact, it is how I plan to fund much of our cost of living for the next decade.

Personal Finance Basics You’ve Never Thought Of

Katelyn  |  Hey You Finance

There is a difference in being able to afford something and being able to afford the monthly payments.