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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on General Finance.

Life’s a Circus

Larry Sayler  |  Humble Dollar

I applied to both the Wharton MBA program and Clown College. To my surprise, I was accepted by both. The decision was easy. I turned down Wharton to go to Clown College.

The Best Personal Finance Inflation Hedges

Ben Carlson  |  A Wealth of Common Sense

I know putting inflation hedges on your portfolio is the sexier option, but you have more control over your personal finances than the markets when it comes to fighting inflation.

Bonus Bits – Week of 03/14/22


This week’s bonus tips and nuggets, featuring: an overlooked tax boost, a new book from the community, and debt jubilees!

Make It Hard to Lose

Jesse Cramer  |  The Best Interest

When you pay yourself first, you make it hard—impossible—to spend that money. As a result, wealth can’t avoid you. It has no choice. You’re removing the possibility of over-spending and ensuring the inevitability of long-term success.

The Most Cringeworthy Financial Advice on the Internet

Thomas Kopelman  |  The Long Game

Whether it’s TikTok’ers sharing how you can make 100% daily returns in crypto or blog posts telling you to never use your 401(k) because it’s a scam, it’s safe to say the internet is full of terrible financial advice.

Bonus Bits – Week of 03/07/22


This week’s bonus tips and nuggets, featuring: the 20/20 decluttering rule, the “death binder,” how to beware of life weeds, and more!