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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Insurance.

What Car Insurance Companies Do NOT Want You To Know

Xrayvsn  |  XRAYVSN

Although the car was restored to original condition, it now carried a ding in its vehicle accident report. I felt this potential reduction in resale should be compensated by the insurance company so I proceeded with a “diminished value” claim.

Are You Outcome-Focused?

Elliott Appel  |  I Talk About Money

We often judge a decision based on the outcome – not the process. This is unfortunate because even low probability, random events can happen following a poor process.

Early Retirement Health Insurance Options

Dragon Guy  |  The Dragons on FIRE

Here’s an overview of what some options are for early retirement health insurance and what choices we made for each year. For us it comes down to balancing cost, access to a large network, and pre-existing conditions.

Purchasing an Annuity Was My 42-Year Financial Mistake

David John Marotta  |  Marotta on Money

To take a 22-year-old and tie up their money 42 years until they turn age 64 1/2 seems criminal. I’ve since learned to avoid annuity salespeople altogether since they violate multiple safeguards of our Safeguarding Your Money principles.

The Ladder Life Insurance Strategy

Jeff Cooper  |  Have Your Dollars Make Sense

Do you really need the same amount of coverage at 35 that you do at 65? More than likely, the answer is “you don’t.” This is where the Ladder Life Insurance Policy comes into play.

Why I Don’t Have an Annuity

Steve Ark  |  Slightly Early Retirement

Annuities are a good deal if you outlive all expectations and are terrible if you die early. But there are a couple more arguments that are not made very often, and why I have no plans to purchase one.