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A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Investing.

Don’t Bother Looking, It Will Find You

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

As you’re reading this, someone is hard at work in a lab cooking up the next big idea in Upside Minus Downside technology. The wrapper will seem revolutionary, but the underlying idea will be a story as old as time.

Accounting for Illiquid/Intangible Assets on Your Household Balance Sheet

Mike Piper  |  Oblivious Investor

Human capital: it’s not a stock. It’s not a bond. But it is a very real asset. Social Security: it’s not a stock. It’s not a bond. But it is a very real asset. Your home…

The Most Cringeworthy Financial Advice on the Internet

Thomas Kopelman  |  The Long Game

Whether it’s TikTok’ers sharing how you can make 100% daily returns in crypto or blog posts telling you to never use your 401(k) because it’s a scam, it’s safe to say the internet is full of terrible financial advice.

Get Even-itis

Blair duQuesnay  |  The Belle Curve

Do not let Get Even-itis hold your investment dollars hostage. Waiting for an investment to Get Back to Even before you sell is a useless exercise.

It Doesn’t Take Special Financial Knowledge to Become Wealthy

Dr. Cory S. Fawcett  |  Financial Success MD

The simplicity of it all can be found in the story of a self-taught TV repairman who rode his bicycle to my house when I was a kid, and the millions he left afterwards.

Notes on Berkshire Hathaway 2021 Annual Letter to Shareholders by Warren Buffett

Jonathan Ping  |  My Money Blog

Berkshire Hathaway released its 2021 Letter to Shareholders which is how Warren Buffett updates his fellow shareholders annually on the status of the business. This year’s letter is only 10 pages long. Here are my personal highlights.