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Making Money

A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Making Money.

Don’t Bother Looking, It Will Find You

Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

As you’re reading this, someone is hard at work in a lab cooking up the next big idea in Upside Minus Downside technology. The wrapper will seem revolutionary, but the underlying idea will be a story as old as time.

How You Can Make Real Money From Airbnb Right Now (Even If You Don’t Own Any Property)

Martin Dasko  |  Studenomics

You can host your own experience on the Airbnb platform where you make money from a unique passion of yours. You essentially get paid to lead people in activities that you enjoy.

Getting Rich With Asymmetric Money Moves

Damian  |  Banker on FIRE

Asymmetric wealth creation is a powerful way to grow your earnings, increase your investment returns, and improve your life more generally. The best thing about it is that it’s also very easy to incorporate into your decision-making.

The Augusta Rule 280A Tax Loophole

Jim Wang  |  Best Wallet Hacks

If you rent out your home for 14 or fewer days a year, you do not have to pay taxes on this income. Here’s the kicker – it doesn’t matter how much rental income you bring in.

How to Get Rich for Dummies

Noah Kagan  |  OK Dork

The question you want to ask yourself first about getting rich is… Why not you? There’s no rule that says it can’t be you to have as much money as you want or whatever lifestyle it is that you want.

“Stop Being So Greedy and Asking for More Money”, and Other Falsehoods Women Are Told

Sherry  |  Save. Spend. Splurge.

The only opinion and commentary you should be acknowledging is the one you are telling and giving yourself. If you deserve more money, then ask for it.