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Net Worth

A collection of the best articles we’ve featured on Net Worth.

Your Net Worth Does Not Equal Your Self Worth

Kate C  |  How To Money

Don’t expect to magically become the person you want to be when you hit a certain net worth, start becoming that person today.

Assessing Your Financial Health

Chris Mamula  |  Can I Retire Yet?

As our family enters a new phase of life with less income and less margin for error, I’m going to start tracking some of these metrics. They include assessments of total wealth, liquidity, debt burden, savings rate, and retirement preparedness.

Net Worth or Cash Flow?

Michelle  |  Fire and Wide

Net worth by itself seems a pretty meaningless number. What matters is what you can do with it. And if, like me, you are using it to retire early, that means converting it into actual cash flow.

Make Your Obsession With Money Temporary

Steven & Lauren  |  Trip of a Lifestyle

Being good with money requires planning and consideration, but it shouldn’t take constant effort. The whole point of financial responsibility is to make your life better. If you’re not experiencing that effect, something is wrong.

My Net Worth (and More) Tracking Spreadsheet

Frugal Professor  |  Frugal Professor

My spreadsheet is the most comprehensive financial tool that I’ve seen for households. It mimics the fidelity of data you’d see in the accounting statements of firms.

Investing My Way to $500k: A Fifteen Year Journey

Jenny  |  Good Life Better

Fifteen years is (hopefully) going to pass no matter what. Putting even small amounts aside today could really add up to something.