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Life’s a Circus
Larry Sayler  |  Humble Dollar

I applied to both the Wharton MBA program and Clown College. To my surprise, I was accepted by both. The decision was easy. I turned down Wharton to go to Clown College.

Don’t Bother Looking, It Will Find You
Josh Brown  |  The Reformed Broker

As you’re reading this, someone is hard at work in a lab cooking up the next big idea in Upside Minus Downside technology. The wrapper will seem revolutionary, but the underlying idea will be a story as old as time.

“The Closer I Get, the Target Keeps Moving”
Kristen  |  The Frugal Girl

Therapists like to say, “Happiness is an inside job.” The idea being that your joy in life cannot be dependent on outside people or circumstances. It comes from work you do in your heart. Contentment too is an inside job.

The Best Interest Rates on Cash Right Now
Jonathan Ping  |  My Money Blog

Here’s my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash as of March 2022. I look for lesser-known opportunities available to individuals while still keeping your principal FDIC-insured or equivalent.

Accounting for Illiquid/Intangible Assets on Your Household Balance Sheet
Mike Piper  |  Oblivious Investor

Human capital: it’s not a stock. It’s not a bond. But it is a very real asset. Social Security: it’s not a stock. It’s not a bond. But it is a very real asset. Your home…

The Best Personal Finance Inflation Hedges
Ben Carlson  |  A Wealth of Common Sense

I know putting inflation hedges on your portfolio is the sexier option, but you have more control over your personal finances than the markets when it comes to fighting inflation.